Myriam Solomon make your Shabbat perfect

Make your Shabbat Perfect

This is not just a cooking blog.

The goal here is, from a homey point of view, to find ways to enhance your Shabbat experience.

My name is Myriam and I’m a Jewish mother… They, I mean my family, say that in this day and age, one should share. Now, turning OUTSIDE is not in my nature. I’ve always  tried  to focus on my home and I leave it to my husband, Eran, to be our ambassador to the outside world. But I was made to understand that keeping everything to oneself is not really the way to go, and I know that sharing knowledge is a way of giving.

Jewish mothers are all about giving.

Only I wouldn’t let my family get away with it, so easy. True, eating is definitely central to Shabbat, so the recipes are prominent here. But as I’ve said, I wanted to add more content to this blog. So I’ve recruited Eran to the job too, as I wish to blend into it some explanations about Shabbat and its meaning  in Jewish life, and that’s more in his line. However, for your convenience, I’ve divided content into two types you could get into through the menu: Recipes and Ambience. In Recipes you can see my original (unless otherwise noted)  recipes, and in Ambience are articles about Shabbat and Jewish holidays’  experience, and other matters connected to Judaism.

I really hope to make this our family project, the kids too, and some recipes are made expressly for children consummation AND participation.

So I hope you enjoy this blog, and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you on what I can do better. I want to know what interests you, and in what I could help.

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Shabbat Shalom!

Myriam S.