Braiding Challah – regular technique

In a previous post “How to Make a Gorgeous 70% Whole Wheat Challah” I explained how to make the dough and bake the Challah, but I left braiding Challah for later. Because Challahs are not always braided, and you can make them any shape, as long as it’s pretty. But indeed, the  most popular way  is to braid them, and it is just like  braiding a girl’s hair! There are other braiding methods, but this is the easiest to start with.

Take a piece of dough. You can play with various sizes, depending on the size of Challa you want, remembering  that it is going to rise. Divide it into 3 equal parts. Roll each portion into a snake.


Paste the upper part of the “snakes” together.


Take the right portion and put it the middle,


and then the left portion and put it in the “new” middle.


continue in this fashion again right upon left and left upon right taking care not to make it too loose nor slack,



until you run out of “snakes” (or until you reach their tails, or heads, or whatever…).

Paste the ends together to make a finish.


Here’s a short video, for an overall view of the process.

My kids love to play with dough and I give them a piece of dough to create their own creations.

Any troubles? I’d love to assist!

Enjoy & Shabbat Shalom!


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