Quick Fish Casserole, or What to Do When Your Oven Short Circuits

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Unusual Pastries: Tuna Croissants
October 29, 2015
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December 4, 2015
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Quick Fish Casserole, or What to Do When Your Oven Short Circuits

Oh, no!

My  oven short circuited just before Shabbos! Had to summon dragons to complete my Challas…

But on Sunday it wasn’t fixed yet. And Sundays  – it’s fish in the oven. Ok. So this week it’s going to be cooked. Only I had a technician around, just when I had to cook for my famished children.

I had to move fast. So I didn’t have a choice. I improvised.

In the end, it came out just fine, and I even got some compliments from my not very cooperative (foodwize) family members…

Original Quick Fish Casserole Recipe


2 Denise frozen fillets

2 potatoes

2 onions

1/2 a spoon sweet chilli sauce

1/2 a spoon soya sauce

Garlic powder, just enough to spread lightly and evenly on the dish


Water enough to create a 1/2 cm layer on bottom

So this is what I did, and you could do the same:

Use a medium sized casserole.

Slice the 2 onions very thin and put them at the bottom.

Lay the Dennis fillets (no need to defrost) on top.

Place 2 potatoes cut into very small cubes

Pour the sweet chilli sauce on the fish, so that it gets spilled all the way down to the bottom of the casserole, too.

Do the same with the soya sauce.

Sprinkle thoroughly with garlic powder and salt to the taste.

Add a bit of water so it doesn’t burn before it’s ready.

Close the casserole and cook for about 45 minutes if you use frozen fish.

That’s it! Short and easy!

Tell us if you liked it too!

bon appetit

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