The Perfect Jewish Diet or, Why do we really eat good at Holy Shabbat? – part 1

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My name is Eran. I’m Myriam’s husband, and as she said in the about page, she wants to add more content to this blog. So I was recruited to take upon me the philosophical-spiritual side of the texts here, so I better get spiritual. Or Rabbinical. Or something.

So let’s begin with a talk about Body and Soul, and then get to our Jewish Diet.

Orthodox Judaism does not solicit excessive  earthly pleasures.
A Jew should take from this world only that which is required for Avodat Hashem, for serving G-d.
Anything beyond that is regarded as luxury, and while not being actually sinful, is generally to be avoided.


Now this is the case for most days of the year.
It is quite the contrary with holy Shabbats and Chags (holidays).
Then [SIGH OF RELIEF], even earthly pleasures become a matter of sanctity.
That is why we really feast & revel on Shabbats and Chags – without any remorse.

It is actually our spiritual health; but it is even more than that.
Potentially it could really guard our bodily health too – if only we observed some very simple rules.
In order to understand this better, we must delve deeper into what’s the spiritual difference between normal weekdays and Holy Shabbats.

I want to talk about this in a future post, so see you there!


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