Unusual Pastries: Tuna Croissants

My son in Yeshiva learns until late and I need food for him that will be tasty, nutritious, could be eaten cold and not be messy. I’ve invented this unusual pastry-recipe based on another recipe of mine adored by the children, but unfit for travel –  my Cheese-free Tuna Pizza. This one, however, as its contents is enclosed in dough, keeps it all in. For my kids it’s also a souvenir from last Shabbat, and a ‘teaser’  for the one that thank G-d is coming up…


4-5 tomatoes

tuna in water, water drained

olive oil


garlic powder


pizza dough ingredients.

The making

Peel the tomatoes, cut them in halves, wash them, and let excess juice flow away. Mix them in a blender.

Make a pizza dough.

 Create a round  with a rolling pin.

Make it fairly thin – about 2 mm.

Cut it  to into triangles.

Unusual Pastries: Tuna Croissants

Put some mashed tomato on each triangle.

Then tuna. Mind not to put too much filling, so that it doesn’t  spill outside. Remember: we don’t want it messy!


Sprinkle with salt, garlic powder, oregano and olive oil.


Roll’em into croissants, like this…



Let the croissants  rise about half an hour.

Bake for about ten minutes in 250°C and 20 minutes in 200°C.

Watch over the croissants and play it by eye and nose…


My croissants may be eaten warm or cold.

Please tell me how it came out…

Waiting to hear from you!

bon appetit

Myriam S.

Myriam Solomon shares kitchen tips and much more to make your Shabbat perfect

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